Arm Health


Durability: The goal is to be able to throw more pitches and recover faster. Coaches have no need for pitchers who are always injured or too sore to pitch. R&D's mission is for each of our pitchers to be ultra-durable thus untra-reliable.


Pain Assessment: The single biggest limitation for every young thrower is pain. A fundamental daily assessment of our throwers is finding out if there is pain or discomfort, where it is located and why it exists. There are a multitude of disconnected movement patterns that can lead to pain. We invite you to reach out to us to learn more about this process. 


Rotational Athletic Training:  The act of throwing a baseball is a violent, athletic action. The stress placed on the body of making a pitch is dramatically magnified when placed on a skeletally immature youth athlete. We train our young throwers as the rotational athletes they are helping them withstand the demands placed on joints creating dramatically healthier high school, college, and pro throwers. This is a big topic and a major component of our overall training program.


R&D is partnered with Virginia Sports Medicine Institute. We work in unison to help reduce the rising injury rates among young throwers.