Position Player Training

R&D Baseball offers position player training for the committed athlete.  R&D trains the complete athlete focusing on the big tools of throwing and hitting. This program assesses the movement capabilities of the player utilizing numerous data tools.  R&D's comprehensive assessment process allows us to identify invaluable information on the result of the swing, the throw, and movement efficiency that cannot be produced in a common cage-training setting.  Programming is constructed in order to improve:

  • Hitting Adaptability: zone awareness, movement patterning, competing vs. better stuff (FB & offspeed)

  • Arm health & Enhanced throwing capability (durability & velo)

  • Strength,Speed, Rotational Power:
    Improvement of all athletic movements relevant to rotational athletes.


  • Constantly evolving training environment challenging your ability to make IN-GAME decisions & execute in the moment.

  • Face LIVE PITCHING on a consistent basis as a part of training. R&D pitchers flow over as part of their training to face hitters to optimize training transfer for both sides.